Sunday, May 10, 2020

Week 5


Welcome to week 5 :)
Hopefully not much longer and we will be back into school.
Again please pick a choose what works for you.

This week I will do a group zoom on Friday at 2:30.  I will also be contacting you for FaceTimes during the week. Will message our Facebook chat or text you to get a time that suits.
Pleasure do not feel pressure to do all these tasks. Use what works for you.

Continue to send me photos of the children's work :)

Encourage your child to write a short story every day. The more the practise the more they will be confident. Have their letter card beside them as this will help with unfamiliar words by using their sound knowledge. Remind them of describing words, full stops, capital letters, Here goes some fun writing ideas for you to try :)

Keep up the reading every day 10-15 minutes.
Get your child to read, read to them, ask them questions about the story.

Reading comprehension:

Practise high frequency words:
Repetition is key! Your child should be aiming to know all of these words. Say them, write them, put them into sentences, play memory, flash cards.

-Start by practising counting in 2s, 5s, 10s.
-Basic facts warm up: Make 5 e.g. 3+2= 4+1=. Make up to 10 e.g. 9+1=, 6+4=

1) Vash’s whanau has 7 cars parked in their driveway. How many wheels on all the

2) Dad was sorting the towels in the linen cupboard. There were 9 towels on 3
shelves. How many towels altogether?

3) Cameron went to the flea market with his mum. They bought fruit for his siblings’
lunches. They have 6 bags with 2 fruit in each bag. How many fruit did they buy
at the flea market?

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Week 4


Welcome to Week four. Here are activities for you to choose from if you wish.
I am in school teaching Monday-Wednesday so will contact you for a FaceTime on Thursday or Friday. Feel free to send me work or ask any questions over the week and I will respond as quickly as I can. Otherwise all the best and no pressure on what you chose to do. Chose what works for your family :)

*Read every day for 10+ minutes.  This could also be you reading to your child. Ask questions about the story, point out words, talk about what is happening.
*Read a range of materials e.g magazines, newspapers.

Here is a reading activity about fire fighters:


*Read poem and share with someone in your bubble.
*Can you draw some pictures to put with the poem.
*Can you make up actions to the poem, video it and send to Miss Love.

WRITING & Handwriting:
*Practise writing a short story. Have 3-4 sentences, sound out unfamiliar words by using the letter cards and edit together. Feel free to send me your writing :)
Acrostic poem for Handwriting: Can you come up with a word or sentence for each letter of Autumn.

Write a letter to someone who you have not seen in isolation or an essential worker.

Your child should be aiming to know all of these words. They start at Magenta, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, turquoise. Repetition is key with learning these words. Say them, write them, make them (chalk, leafs, blocks, word tiles). Make the tricky words into flash cards, or a set of memory, place them around the house...make it fun :)

Practise some basic facts:
Ones that make 5 e.g. 2+3=, 4+1=, 0+5=
Ones that make 10 e.g. 5+5=, 9+1= 8+2=
Larger number addition: 14+23 (place value)
Timestables: 2, 5, 10

DMIC Questions:

1) There were 24 wheels at the scooter park how many scooters were there if each scooter had 2 wheels?

2) Vash and Sativa brother have 19 chapter books and 14 picture books. How many
books do they have altogether?

3) Your sister picked 11 plums from the neighbour’s tree. How many more plums
does she need to have 23 plums?

4) Mason collected some frangipani flowers. Lucius gave him 6 more. Now he has 23
frangipani flowers. How many frangipani flowers did Mason start with?

Te Reo:
Encourage your child to learn their Mihi and maybe you can learn it with them too. Words are below and the translation. If you have your own personal Mihi and extra line please use that. Once your child knows it by heart please video and send to me.

This is a link to a video of the colours :)

Monday, April 27, 2020

Week 3

Week 3:
Hello and welcome to week 3. Hope you enjoyed the long weekend and celebrated Anzac Day.
Here is some activities for you to work through if you wish otherwise keep up with the hard learning pack :)

Again I will be in contact with you and your child over the week through FaceTime via Facebook to engage with their learning.

Below is a video of me reading one of our 'big books'

Audio of stories online

Please keep up reading every day: Mix it up with reading different material e.g. magazines, newspaper, articles.
*Get your child to read to you.
*Ask them questions about what they have read/retell the story.
*Read to them and talk about the story- this will engage them with new oral language.

Reading activity

Walk around the house and see if you can make a list of things starting with each letter of the alphabet (A - Z)
A= Apple
B= Book
C= Curtains

Reading comprehension:

A fun poem to read .
Highlight or write down the words with double 'e' (ee)
  • Draw a picture of the poem
  • How can you help a friend?

Skills we will focus on:
- Addition and Subtraction to 20
- Ordering numbers to 20
- Skip counting in 2's, 5's and 10's
  • Time on analog and digital clocks including half past, quarter to and quarter past
- Time certain activities around the house and how long they may take.

DMIC Questions: 
1) Ma'ake counted 6 wheels at the scooter park. How many scooters are there?
2) Two boys are playing with some duplo. Altogether there are 14 pieces of duplo. How many will they each get?
3) Ivy has 12 apples. She puts them into bags containing 4 apples each. How many bags did Ivy use?
4) 25 students go to the assembly on Monday and they sit in rows of 5. How many rows are there?

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Week 2

Kia Ora and welcome to week 2 of home learning :) 

I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine and the autumn colours that are around. 
At the moment we are unsure what level 3 will mean to us but as soon as we know we will be in contact. 

I have put up some activities for your children to do as well as the home learning packs which you should have all received by now. Please feel free to pick and choose what works for your whanau. I have also got a list at the end of this post of education games that students may want to play on a device.  
Feel free to send me any work or get in contact via my email.

Below is a video of myself reading a 'big book' called the Dawn Parade. The children can listen to me while seeing the pictures from the book(hopefully it will work) With it being Anzac Day on the 25th (Saturday) it is a great time to discuss some family history or make some art e.g. poppies. 

Again please encourage reading every day for 5-10 minutes. 
Read to your child this will increase their oral language. 
Ask them questions about the stories, get them to retell the story again in order of key events. 
Record their reading and send to Miss Love. 
The books in the Home learning packs may be a different level to their usual but work on sounding out sounds, looking for high frequency words. 

This site has a few of our big books that we read in class. You can listen to someone read the story and look at the pictures at the same time. 

*Below is a reading compression 'The Zoo Vet". Your child can read the story and then answer the questions below. I have attached a link that you can copy and print off or below are the screenshots of the activity. 

Get your child to read their high frequency words, play memory with them, make them into flash cards, write them, make them with letter magnets, read them, say them. Repetition is key here :) 

Essential spelling list: 
Read these, say them out loud, make them, write them. Try to pick 6-10 words and focus on them for the week. Put them into sentences for your child or get your child to write the word in a sentence. 
e.g. THEY: They all stayed at home. 
Below is a link to the Essential spelling list if you do not have one at home. 


  • Draw a picture of the poem
  • Write what you think it means
  • What is something you are still trying to learn


  • Write at least 4 sentences or more
  • Discuss possible words, sentence starters, describing words to help them get started
  • Encourage your child to give their spelling a go first before helping them
  • Ask them to draw a picture about their writing first
  • Get your child to check over their work for capital letters, full stops, letter formation and underlining unknown spelling
  • Edit the work together after completion

    Topics (optional)
    -Write a daily journal of activities done (5min of reflecting in the day)


  • 2 Letters per Week
  • Practise writing both the capital and the lower case letter. For example: D and d. Below on Week 1 there is a link for handwriting for you to follow.

*Addition and subtraction to 20. 
*Ordering numbers to 20.... Maybe you could get creative and make a number line out of autumn leaves. 
*Skip counting in 2's, 5's, 10's. 

2x timestables

DMIC: Problem solving
Please help your child to read and understand the problem before they get started :) 

1) Ivy and her uncle went fishing. Ivy caught 3 fish and her uncle caught 6 fish.
How many fish did they catch in total?

2) Ashton had scored 8 points and his friends scored 18 during their rugby game.
How many points did they score altogether?

3) Sativa has helped her dad to plant vegetables in their garden. She planted 14
spring onions and 7 carrot plants. How many vegetables did Sativa plant?

4)Myra-Lei made 22 ANZAC poppies. Lucius made 14. How many poppies did they make in total?

5)Daz had 12 jellybeans and Mason made 16. How many did they
have altogether?

6)  Korbyn collected some truck magazines. Jaxtun gave him 12 more. Now he has 23
truck magazines. How many truck magazines did Korbyn start with?

*Drawing/writing with chalk
*Learn to tell the time
*Play a family game
*Arts and Crafts (make a poppy) 
*Learn some Te Reo from the school TV show
*Make a fort out of blankets
*Make an obstacle course 
*Make some puppets and put on a show 

Educational games online:
Pet Bingo: Maths
Sunshine online: Literacy and maths
Sight words (Has a star as the icon)
Rocket speller
ABC 123
Daisy the Dinosaur - Free - (coding). 
Phonics Farm letter sounds School Free (Reading)
Dinosaur Dots Connect for Kids free (maths)
Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

Week 5

Hello, Welcome to week 5 :) Hopefully not much longer and we will be back into school. Again please pick a choose what works for you. ...